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Previous Action

Letters and meetings with the Scottish Executive and the Scotland Office over many years.

The matter was first raised by the petitioner in 1985 and continued with correspondence between the Scotland Office and the petitioner until 2007.

Councillor James P. Simpson took the matter up with Lord Irvine of Lairg and with the Lord Chancellor in 2001 and again with the Lord Chancellor in 2007, never receiving a satisfactory answer as to why Scotland could not have the same parameters as England.

In the second paragraph of his reply to Councillor Simpson on 19 November 2001, the Lord Chancellor states ‘You suggest that Scotland and England have different qualifications for city status. There are, in fact, no criteria for the grant of city status.’ In the 6th paragraph he states ‘You ask why the Lord Chancellor does not “allow” ancient and prescriptive usage in Scotland. We have been advised by the Scotland Office that they do no consider the English practice of recognising a city by the doctrine of ancient prescriptive usage has any relevance in Scotland, given that the term “city” has no legal relevance in Scotland.’ Whilst city may have no legal significance, the style and title used by these ancient cities for hundreds of years does have relevance to them and should not be so lightly dismissed.

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