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Previous Action

Letters and emails have been submitted to—

1. Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change (both directly and through MSPs)
2. David Hamilton MP (07.10.09)
3. Iain Gray MSP (01.09.09)
4. Rhona Brankin MSP (01.09.09.)
5. Robin Harper (01.09.09 with follow up correspondence)
6. All other Lothian MSPs (01.09.09)
7. David McLetchie MSP (11.11.09 with follow up correspondence)
8. Malcolm Chisholm MSP (25.09.09)
9. The chair and all members of the Local Government Committee (22.10.09)
10. The planning department of East Lothian Council (24.11.09)
11. The planning department of Midlothian Council (26.11.09)

Meetings also took place with East Lothian Planning Department on Tuesday November 24th and Midlothian Planning Department on December 7th.

Iain Gray MSP and East Lothian Councillors have been supportive of notification and call-in by the Scottish Government since East Lothian will be the main recipient of negative impacts from the proposed development within Midlothian.

Other MSPs such as Rhona Brankin, Robin Harper and David McLetchie have also been sympathetic and thoughtful in their responses. Other Lothian MSPs have merely noted our letters and failed to respond any further. 

The response from the Chair of the Scottish Parliament Local Government Committee was extremely disappointing, In a brief reply he merely commented that the ”Committee has no plans to examine this particular issue,” thus failing to respond to the key issue of a democratic deficit.

We have approached the relevant government department and planners whose response has been to refer us to Circular 3/2009 which states that planning is a local matter and that notification will only be triggered according to specified criteria. Furthermore, once notified, we are advised that in accordance with 3/2009, Ministers will generally only call-in applications which raise matters of national significance. However this is not defined.

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