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For over ten years I have been trying to get Falkirk Council, via my local councillors, to make landowners responsible for the upkeep of plots of land they own which have become so overgrown with vegetation that it is not only derimental to adjacent properties but also presents an eyesore for the community. Falkirk Council have tried on many occasions to get these landowners to tidy up their land but are unable to do anything as they have no power to enforce this.

While pursuing this issue I discovered that this situation is not just a local issue but is prevalent throughout the country and with this being a national problem I decided to involve the Scottish Parliament by contacting my MSP, Mark Griffin.

After much investigation, Mark informed me that there is nothing in place to enforce landlords or landowners to maintain their land in a manner acceptable to either adjacent neighbours or the local community. There is legislation which covers rubbish such as fly tipping but nothing to cover neglected land.

Without any legislation in place these landowners are just spoiling the landscape within local communities.

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