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Background Info

These plots of land, some of which were originally created by the developers of housing estates, were intended as children's play areas or as visually pleasing areas to enhance the neighbourhood. Other plots include land which had previously been developed areas but have since become vacant and are now just an eyesore on the community.

Through time these plots of land have been sold and re-sold by speculators and because these plots are either unsuitable for building development or have been refused planning permission for development they have been badly neglected and become a blot on the landscape.

Many of these plots of land are not just an eyesore but a breeding ground for vermin and a waste ground which some people regard as rubbish tips and dog toilets.

Speaking for my own local area, the residents of the town have been trying for years to find a solution without any success. Without any legal requirement in place, these landowners simply refuse to do anything about the current situation.

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