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This petition follows the announcement by the UK Government to postpone the 2015 Revaluation in England and subsequent calls by interested parties in Scotland for urgent clarification of the Scotttish Govenment's position on this matter.

The Scottish Government were encouraged by various press and property media articles to confirm their position in respect the 2015 Revaluation. No definative answers were given and the announcement that they intended to postpone the Revaluation was announced as part of a general review of non domestic rating. This consultation is due to conclude on 22nd February which is too late in our opinion to fully voice opposition to the postponement of the Revaluation. It is for this reason that the petition has been lodged.

In addition, as Colliers act for a large number of organisations located accross Scotland, it has not been possible to raise this matter direct with any specific local or list MSP. However oposition to such a measure has been raised with both Anabelle Goldie and Margaret Mitchel (The latter being a member of the Finance and Regeneration Committee) in the past few weeks to raise our concerns to this measure. They are fully aware of the intention to lodge this petition. In addition, it is known that other business organisations have voiced their opposition to such a measure as having a negative impact on business development and regenaration of run down parts of Scotland. These organisations include Scottish Chambers of Commerce, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and the Institute of Revenues, Rating and Valuation.

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