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The Unreasonable Learners is made up of forward thinking groups and individuals who have come together to cooperate in addressing the challenge of modernising the management culture of Scotland. Our reasoning is that by working together we will have a greater impact.  Its formation is relatively recent. The individual members however have been working in this field for many many years, some more than 20 years.

• Learning groups such as The Centre for Confidence and Wellbeing, The Deming Learning Network, The RSA, CQI etc. have been running seminars and monthly meetings for at least the past 10 years.
• Consultants have been taking on projects and securing very significant improvement. The most prominent being Vanguard Ltd.
• In house consultants such as Jim Duffy at Dundee City have been running improvement projects within the Public sector for at least the past 10 years
• There has been extensive research into management in the past decades, the findings of which have been written in some excellent books. We even have our home based authors in David Erdal, in context of Employee Ownership, Tim Stapenhurst in context of Statistical Process Control and David Fraser in context of “Relationships”
• Individuals themselves keep spreading the word though they have to be very cautious in challenging the status quo within their own organisations.
• Finally the Unreasonable Learners had a stand at Holyrood in November 2011 highlighting the opportunity available to Scotland if Government was prepared to think differently. Copies of the leaflet supplied to MSPs at the time have been provided to Clerk for Public Petitions

The challenge we face is that individuals (including MSPs and Civil Servants) can appreciate the evidence in front of them and acknowledge the opportunities. But as the “Status Quo” needs to maintain stability, it has defence mechanism.  Individuals working within a system are required to support that system or move elsewhere. Furthermore these systems are extremely complex. In these circumstances the individual has very little scope to effect change. No individual or learning group has the means of transforming society’s underpinning assumptions. Somehow we have to devise a means through which a critical mass is able to facilitate change by challenging the underpinning thinking of the whole. Government cannot do this on their own; society needs play its part. However the politicians and The Government could lead the exploration of modern management concepts across the whole of society.

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