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This issue has come to the attention of two of the petitioners who are local Councillors due to planning applications submitted by telecommunications companies over the last two years.  This has led to local residents approaching local Councillors and we have taken the following steps.

The phone mast operators have been invited to meet with local Councillors and the local Community Council but have declined to do so. They have offered one local community consultation and this was attended by Councillors with a view to discussing the recent World Health Organisation findings. The operators did not appear to respond to these concerns.

The third petitioner is a former MSP who has also engaged with local residents over mobile phone mast issues, and shares concerns about the adequacy of the current planning guidelines to satisfy the concerns of residents.

The fourth petitioner, who is a neurophysiologist, has looked into some of the scientific evidence and this has not reduced his concerns. Discussions have also been held with other medical professionals whose general view is that the scientific evidence is inconclusive. They recommend 'the precautionary principle' which would mean not permitting telecommunications masts near schools, nurseries and family homes.

The first petitioner is a member of the Local Authority Planning Committee and was given permission to speak to the Committee about the possible health concerns. However the Planning Committee must act within planning guidelines and cannot, at present, take the possible health risks to young children into account.

Discussions have taken place with the local MSP, Mr, James Kelly. He has been approached by local residents concerned about a particular application and has supplied the following statement:

“I am opposed to the siting of a phone mast in relation to the Cathkin By Pass site as is currently proposed. I do not believe this application is fair on the local residents. I have met with them to discuss the issue and expressed support for their campaign. I also believe that in relation to this particular application that there is evidence that the mast would have adverse (effect) on the health of residents.”

Many individuals, having looked into the issue for themselves, have expressed concerns that the scientific evidence is not clear and that telecommunications masts may be a health risk. 

So the petitioners are seeking to make these concerns the subject of an independent scientific review. The only body able to deal with this matter is the Scottish Government.

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