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This petition calls upon the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to  create a set of compulsory guidelines for School Uniform policies to follow which would bring an end to gender-specific uniform codes and also bring an end to the over-expensive, uncomfortable and impractical current traditional uniforms still enforced in some schools.

Although schools are encouraged to consult pupils, parents and teachers regarding uniform codes many do not. I know this from my experiences as a school pupil and knowing pupils from other Scottish Local Authority Schools.
Anyway, if pupils/parents were consulted, some consultees would undoubtedly be in favour of a Gender-prescribed uniforms, which, although democratic, would be unfair to gender-variant pupils.

Gender-specific Uniform codes should be ended because they discriminate against transgendered pupils and are, for the want of a better word, pointless. They have no real use and do not make anything more practical.
These uniform codes can cause serious distress in gender-variant pupils and create stigma against gender-variantism.

Furthermore, these policies are largely outdated and do not serve any practical purpose, they also discriminate against boys as, generally, they do not have the freedom to wear a skirt whereas girls can normally wear trousers.

The traditional uniform requirements of trousers/skirt, shirt, tie, jumper and blazer are largely outdated and serve no practical purpose.

Traditional uniforms are extremely expensive for parents and can limit free-choice as they are  ususally obliged to buy certain logo-ed ties/blazers from schools which are, in many cases, extremely expensive. Although some schools do not have such uniform policies, those that do should not.

The uniforms themselves are, in the opinion of most school pupils, extremely uncomfortable and physically restrictive. They can cause great discomfort and limit the movement of pupils. As a school pupil, I know that this is an almost universal opinion.

Also, enforcing these uniform codes can take up the time of educational-establishment staff as, in schools were uniforms are stricter and more enforced, they are constantly reprimanding pupils to keep to a code which, in reality, serves to benefit nobody, except retailers. Providing definitive guidelines would eliminate the need for this.

This petition proposes that traditional uniforms be replaced with more comfortable and cheaper alternatives.

One example would be:

-Loose trousers/skirt
-Block-coloured t-shirt / polo-shirt
-Comfortable, flat shoes.

This example alone would be a lot cheaper for parents, would not cause discomfort or physically restrict pupils and would still bring about the uniformity of dress desired by some educational establishments. It would also perhaps add a slight element of choice for pupils in choosing colours etc. although would not lead to the extremes some pupils would go to if they had complete freedom.

Some argue that loosening uniform rules would lead to "fashion shows" among pupils but a substantial degree of uniformity can still be attained without complete freedom, a middle ground.

This proposal is sensible as it would:

-Benefit parents by being less expensive and give them more freedom to choose which retailer to use.
-Be widely accepted by pupils by giving them slightly more freedom to choose.
-Would be also accepted by pupils because it would not restrict physical movement or cause discomfort.
-Would benefit school staff because they would no longer have to reprimand pupils constantly.
-Accommodate the transgendered community and remove stigma surrounding boy/girl clothing differences.

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