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The petition was suggested and created by myself [Peter Morris], the brother of the late Claire Morris. She tragically lost her life at the hands of her husband, Malcolm Webster in 1994 who was subsequently convicted of Claire’s murder in 2011.

The research highlighted in section 4 suggests that there is insufficient post trial support for victims of crime.

The limited funding provided by the government has lead to a restriction in the ability of Organisations support for victims.

1. I call for the Scottish Parliament to urge The Scottish Government to consider the need for emotional support available post trial for victims.    The provision of a free counselling service for victims post trial is deemed to be necessary by the public. Although the rehabilitation of criminals is necessary, the victims should not come second to this. Research shows that public opinion displays a need for more support for victims of crimes and families.

2. I suggest that the government aid organisations that support victims by introducing guidance notes with regards to the minimum support organisations must provide post trial for victims.

3. I support the work of The Scottish Strategy for Victims and would encourage the continuing development of this initiative; and urge the government to highlight the importance of the support of victims post trial. We propose that there is a need for this to be provided by the public sector, not merely the voluntary sector.

4. I urge that the public sector body: Victim Information and Advice (VIA) increase the amount of assistance given to victims as at the moment there is limited support post trial.

5. Research has suggested that the support available must be sought out by the victims, and is not provided as an integrated service for the victims. This shows that there is not adequate support for the victims.

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