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Previous Action

I have written to all Angus councillors and have talked to the leading dog rescue organisations in Scotland who all agree this is a problem. The councillors say they are aware of the problem but there is no quick fix to the situation at a local level.

I have raised the profile of the issue at a national and local level and have received support from STV http://news.stv.tv/scotland/tayside/243848-stigmatised-staffies-are-being-abandoned-by-addicts-who-puppy-farm-them-claim-animal-charities/, the BBC and the Courier (copies of press articles are available from the Clerk)

I have previously contacted my local MSP Andrew Welsh in 2008 and through him received a response from the Minister (Richard Lochhead) who indicated he considered existing legislation was in place to deal with the issue, which has now gotten worse.  I have also recently been in touch with my local MSP Graeme Dey who has visited the kennels and is supportive of the aims of the petition.

I am currently working with Angus Council and the local police, who have allocated a police constable to this issue, to try and tackle the problem at a local level.