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Since 2005, various members of the Society of William Wallace have corresponded with officials at Kew and the National Museum of Scotland over this matter.

Kew is refusing to release the document on the grounds that there is no evidence to indicate the origins of the document or to conclusively say it was in Wallace’s possession beyond the very strong circumstantial case that indicates it was. A number of prominent Scottish historians are firmly of the view that the contemporaneous indexing of the document around the time of Wallace’s capture by English agents at a time when England was effectively at war with both Scotland and France offer the only reasonable explanation on how this document fell into English hands. Scottish historians have completely dismissed the suggestion by officials at Kew that the document is an English copy of an original French document. Why would they make a copy if they had possession of the original, which if released at the time could have assisted Wallace’s work in Rome and Scottish claims for recognition as an independent nation. The NMS appears to have taken the same position without adequate reference to the input of several eminent Scottish historians, and this position should be re assessed with the aid of the historians mentioned.

Many MPs and MSPs have been contacted in regard to this since 2005. The national press have shown an interest on several occasions, printing various stories about it.

Several eminent Scottish historians (including Professor Barrow, who is recognised as one of the leading historical experts in this field and who believes strongly in its authenticity along with Dr Fiona Watson and other academics) have been contacted, and have agreed to assess the document for authenticity, and to hopefully prove that it is not, as has been claimed, merely a copy. 

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