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Previous Action

E-mailed NHS 24 with regards to a phone call which cost £8 from a mobile phone. Received no response.

Rang the NHS 24 helpline to try and speak to someone who sets the charges for the service. They said they would ring back the following day but again no response.

E-mailed Cabinet Secretary of Health and Wellbeing with regards to the issue in February 2008. Received reply from Scottish Government’s Primary and Community Care Directorate in April 2008 (Ref: 2008/0009488OR) stating that the cost of the call is dependent on the mobile network and type of contract the user has. With a landline the cost is split between the caller and the NHS. If, during the call the user gets cut off due to lack of reception or little or no credit they will be called back.

In May 2008 e-mailed request to meet Nicola Sturgeon to discuss the possibility of starting a petition with the aim of getting free calls to NHS 24 from mobile phones. Fraser Dryburgh replied, asking for more information on the exact content of the information that was being sought and who the petition would be aimed at. Replied to Fraser Dryburgh on 22 May 2008 informing him that the petition had been started already and the aim was to lobby the phone companies and was looking for the support of Scottish Government on this.

Received an invite in June from Scottish Government to meet with Nicola Sturgeon in the following few days. Met with Nicola Sturgeon at her constituency office in Ibrox on 6 June 2008

Nicola agreed and understood the problem. She said that there might be a problem with the amount of phone providers that exist and that it would be a large expense but she would look into it. There has been no news on the situation since then.

Collected signatures on paper. Collected 469 so far. Raised awareness and collected signatures at various different conferences.

July 2009 spoke to people at Poverty Alliance who supported the completion of a submission of a public petition.

23 July 2009 called the public petitions committee to ask for advice on submitting a petition. They advised to call Ofcom to see if there are any obligations for phone companies to provide public services for free. This was done and it was discovered that it is a commercial issue so therefore it is at the company’s discretion with only the emergency 999 service being the exception. The query was registered (ref: 1123083031).

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