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Background Info

The petition has been gathered in two parts. A web page was created on the Bebo social network with each friend added counting as a signature towards the petition. At the end of the petition 422 Bebo users had added the junction page as a friend adding to the 7,603 signatures collected. This made the final total 8,125.

The Bebo page remains live and now boasts over 500 friends. The page can be viewed at www.bebo.com/a937junctioncampaign. Here you will find comments, voting poll information and, most importantly, videos taken of the junction itself. These videos highlight the dangers and frustrations that commuters face here daily.

Safety measures were carried out her in 2005 including 50mph, speed cameras and warning lights, however, these measures are not working. The sheer volume of traffic crossing it is enormous and queues of 30+ vehicles is common especially during peak times. The junction is a staggered crossroads and to cross, commuters have to navigate through 3 “give way” junctions while being aware of traffic coming from three different directions. The original dangers of blind spots on the slipway which obscure vision of the southbound carriageway remain. Although the accident level has dropped here, the potential risk of accidents remains extremely high.

In saying this, this junction is the southernmost junction and one of three junctions entering/exiting Laurencekirk. Between this junction and the northernmost junction is barely a 1.5 mile stretch of the A90.

I have included figures from Grampian Police which state there have been 35 collisions and 21 injuries between these junctions from October 2005 to October 2008. The collisions have mainly been at the central and north junctions with less at the junction in question. Most of these collisions and injuries would have been avoided if the graded junction was in place and the two other junctions into Laurencekirk closed off.

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