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Based on the first hand experience of trying to start a new ferry service the Islay & Jura Ferry Co Ltd believe that the Scottish Government (Executive), the statutory bodies and the planning authorities show little regard for the benefits and improvements independent ferry operators could make to the islands by the introduction of short sea vehicular crossings.

In particular the Scottish Government appears apathetic in support of new independent routes. There appears to be a presumption that the state owned operator is the only group who has the know-how to operate ferry routes.

Some of the statutory consultees are inflexible and unrealistic in their demands for Environmental Audits, which may well be more demanding than those imposed on other industries.

It appears that financial assistance or support is not as readily available to independent ferry operators as it is to the state owned group. Indeed it appears that independent ferry operators may be precluded from support which would be available to new ventures in other business sectors.

Council authorities (our experience is based solely within Argyll & Bute) show a lack of vision on how to improve the ferry services to the islands. Council officers and elected members seem unable to comprehend the benefits of short and frequent ferry routes.

Lack of support for the independent ferry operators and lack of governmental vision is curtailing the economic and social growth of all areas within the Scottish coastal regions.

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