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Background Info

The specific concerns of the petitioners are:

  • the increasing number of slum private sector landlords the likes of which have not been seen for decades in Scotland;
  • the impact that slum living conditions have on the health and wellbeing of local EU migrant workers, their dependent children, and the wider local community;
  • the relationship and interaction between slum landlords, agency gangmasters and organised crime;
  • the sustainability of the local community in relation to the problems caused through the exploitation of citizens by slum landlords and local gangmasters;
  • the real and substantial risks to public health and safety from slum living conditions and local gangmasters; and
  • the solutions necessary to address the race relation, housing and socio-economic challenges which threaten Govanhill’s sustainability as a vibrant and successful multicultural community in Scotland.

The petitioners call upon the Scottish Parliament to determine if the scale of the race relation, housing, and socio-economic challenges facing Govanhill are unique in Scotland and if so ask the Scottish Government to make adequate provision for dedicated funding and support.

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