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I believe the action requested to be necessary because children see this material from a very young age when they are taken shopping with their mothers. Boys grow up believing that this is what girls and women are all about, that is, desperate for sexual encounters with every female they meet and girls grow up thinking that this is what they should aspire to, that is, being available for sex with every male.

Research demonstrates that pornography is harmful to women engaged in it, to women in society generally and also to the men who use it.

My personal experience was that I bought what I considered a magazine with an offensive photograph on the front from one of the offending supermarkets. Although it was displayed six feet off the ground, the whole of the photograph was visible to children. I bought it so that I could show people what I am complaining about when I was collecting signatures. I took it out of my folder to show to people every week over a period of 4 months. At the end of that period I looked at it and wasn’t shocked, I had become so used to seeing the cover it no longer had the power to shock. This is where the danger lies. Pornography is so common it is now like wallpaper in our lives. It is everywhere. Women suffer abuse, humiliation and violence in the production of pornography. Many women are coerced into the sex industry through poverty. Adult pornography is routinely used in the sexual abuse of children. Pornography is therefore a serious social problem and should be a key issue in Scottish political debate. Over twenty years ago Clare Short tried to ban page 3 pin ups but was unsuccessful. She then received 10,000 letters from women backing her. Women do not want this material to be everywhere.

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