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Giving the gift of life… is denied to gay and bisexual men the UK wide. In such times, when demand for blood far outwieghs the supplies available, gay and bisexual men are denied the opportunity to donate blood and are tarred with the brush of high risk, despite their individual lifestyles. Despite (like thousands) of gay men, practicing safe sex and doing everything I can to minimise risk of infection from AIDS and HIV, the UK wide ban on gay blood remains and my blood is not 'good' or 'safe' enough. I am appauled that in a system where non tolerance of homophobia is drummed into everyone at every opportunity, this outdated and offensive law exists. The Scottish Government should stand up and make a commitment to gay and bisexual men in this country and make a decision to remove this law.

At 19, I attended a blood transfusion clinic in Glasgow, only to be confronted with the questionairre which asks are you a male who has had sex with another male, e.t.c. I walked out in disgust, I was appauled and still to this day, this law exists and gay people are being turned away by the Blood Transfusion service in what can only be described as homophobia and insensitivity.

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