The Brief

THE BRIEF – “What 20 years of the Scottish Parliament and decision taking in Scotland, for Scotland, has meant for my region”

What is this about?

In 1998 the Scotland Act was passed by the UK Parliament establishing the Scottish Parliament after 300 years and creating the Scottish Government. The first meeting of the new Scottish Parliament took place on 12 May 1999. Since then new powers and laws have been passed by the Scottish Parliament, such as new Scottish income tax powers and laws banning smoking in public places.

In 2019 the Scottish Parliament is looking back at what impact the Parliament has had over the last 20 years, and looking forward to the future such as how can the Scottish Parliament continue to engage with and reflect the concerns and needs of the Scottish people in future? The student 1 minute films will be a key part of capturing the opinions, views and stories from people across Scotland.

What are we looking for?

We want a range of concise and punchy local stories, reflections and opinions, not just about the Parliament, but also about the impact of making decisions and laws in Scotland. We encourage students to think visually, being ‘gallus’, and to use imagination and show more than a just series a vox pops. We would be very interested in seeing a range of media e.g. animation and digital imagery.

How will it work?

Each institution will select a maximum of five pitches for consideration by the selection panel. 30 of the most promising proposals will be shortlisted. Students will then be invited to pitch their ideas to a panel of leading industry figures.

20 winners of the ‘Best Pitch’ will be given an opportunity to work with media professionals to develop their ideas before producing the final 1 minute films.


  • To be shot on HD (1920x1080) 25fps 50hz.
  • Stereo audio


The deadline for proposals submission is: 12 noon, 12th March 2019


Submit a written treatment, storyboard, presentation or any other format that helps you sell your concept.

Proposals should be sent to OneMinuteFilm@Parliament.Scot, by the institution.

You must include your name, the name of your institution, and contact details for yourself and an academic staff contact. You should provide both email and telephone contact details.

We will contact you if your proposal is shortlisted for an opportunity to pitch to the industry panel. This will take place in March 2019.

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