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Protests and demonstrations at the Parliament: Code of Conduct

The Scottish Parliament is an open, accessible and participative Parliament and recognises the importance of lawful and peaceful protest in a democratic society. The land around the Parliament is owned and managed by the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body (SPCB). The SPCB will ordinarily grant permission to protest on the land subject to the following conditions.

The aim of these conditions is to assist in facilitating an organised and effective protest whilst protecting the rights and interests of others, including the staff, visitors, Members, users and neighbours of the Scottish Parliament.

  • Please do not attach banners, posters, flyers, leaflets or any other articles to any part of the Parliament land (including the exterior of the Parliament building, railings, flagpoles or bollards). Any articles attached in this way will be removed immediately.
  • Please do not obstruct the passage of any individuals over any part of the Parliament land, and please do not obstruct the entry or exit of any individuals to the Parliament building.
  • Please take care, at all times, for your safety and the safety of your fellow protesters and other users of the Parliament building and land.

All applicable public health measures, including restrictions on gatherings and physical distancing, must be observed at all times.


  • Please do not climb or stand on the bollards and walls.
  • Please do not project images or shine laser lights onto the Parliament building without prior permission.
  • Please remember that party political campaigning, charitable collections and camping are not permitted on Parliament land.
  • At the end of your protest, please remove anything you brought with you and leave the land as you found it.
  • Please cooperate fully with all instructions from Parliamentary officials and/or the Parliament Police Unit.
 Read the privacy notice for demonstrations and protests held at the Scottish Parliament

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