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Education visits

Due to Covid-19 we are not currently offering education sessions. 

We deliver education sessions to over 22,000 Scottish pupils every year. We do this at the Scottish Parliament or by coming to your school.

Our sessions:

  • are designed to develop the principles of democracy and citizenship 
  • are in line with A Curriculum for Excellence and SQA Examinations
  • contribute to political literacy aims

All our education sessions and resources are free of charge. We do not offer travel expenses if you are coming to the Parliament.

Teachers can book either 1 visit to their school or 1 education visit to the Parliament each school year.

Our education sessions are mainly aimed at Scottish students in P5 – S6 who are studying the Scottish Parliament. We also offer sessions for college and university students. Please get in touch with the education service for more information.

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Visits to the Parliament

Bring your class to visit the Parliament in Edinburgh. Education session are free of charge and include a mix of:

  • an interactive session and activity
  • a tour of the building
  • meeting the school’s MSPs
  • watching business in the Debating Chamber

The format and length of your visit depends on when you are visiting and what is happening in Parliament that day. Visits are usually 90 minutes.

Group sizes

All visits to the Parliament can take 40 people. This includes adults and teachers.  Larger groups of 40-70 can only visit on Mondays and Fridays.

Visits to your school

We can visit you in your school and deliver an education session.

Your session can include:

  • mock debates or election activity
  • learning about making a law
  • how to get involved in the Parliament’s work
  • looking at how committees take evidence
  • exploring an MSP’s roles and responsibilities
  • evaluating data and making choices about the Scottish budget

These options will depend on the age group. We can also help arrange MSP visits to your school following an Education session.

Group sizes

These sessions are designed for a class size of around 30. If you have a larger class, or more than 1 class, please get in touch to discuss your needs.


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