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Question ref. S2W-18541
Asked by: Nicola Sturgeon, Glasgow, Scottish National Party
Date lodged: 17 August 2005


To ask the Scottish Executive what steps it is taking to stimulate net capital expenditure in Glasgow's manufacturing sector.

Current status: Answered by Nicol Stephen on 14 September 2005


The Scottish Executive operates a range of measures to assist manufacturing in a number of areas, including capital expenditure. The Enterprise strategy, Smart Successful Scotland, is delivered through Local Enterprise Companies including Scottish Enterprise Glasgow.

The Executive also provides direct financial support for eligible investment projects in the Assisted Areas of Scotland through its Regional Selective Assistance (RSA) scheme. In the last three years, to end March 2005, 54 companies in the manufacturing sector within the Scottish Enterprise Glasgow area accepted offers of RSA totalling over £13.8 million. These offers relate to projects with planned capital expenditure of over £70.6 million and the expected creation and safeguarding of over 1,500 jobs.

The Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service - designed specifically to improve productivity in manufacturing industry - will also be introduced later this year.