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Chamber and committees

Motion ref. S5M-11541

Olya Merry

Submitted by: Fulton MacGregor, Coatbridge and Chryston, Scottish National Party.
Date lodged: Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Supported by: George Adam, Tom Arthur, Bruce Crawford, Bob Doris, James Dornan, Kate Forbes, Kenneth Gibson, Jenny Gilruth, Mairi Gougeon, Emma Harper, Patrick Harvie, Clare Haughey, Alison Johnstone, Bill Kidd, Monica Lennon, Richard Leonard, Richard Lochhead, Richard Lyle, Angus MacDonald, Rona Mackay, Ben Macpherson, Ruth Maguire, Gillian Martin, John Mason, Joan McAlpine, Ivan McKee, Christina McKelvie, Stuart McMillan, Alex Neil, Ash Regan, Mark Ruskell, Elaine Smith, David Torrance, Sandra White

That the Parliament notes the decision by the Home Office to refuse Olya Merry, who is originally from Belarus but now lives in Coatbridge, the right to remain in the UK; further notes that Olya married her Scottish husband, Derek, in 2013 and that their daughter, Milana, was born in Wishaw in 2016; understands that, if Olya is removed from the UK, Milana will travel with her and could lose her UK citizenship, due to Belarusian laws that prevent dual-nationality, and notes the calls for the UK Government to allow the Merry family to remain at home in Coatbridge.