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Research prepared for Parliament

Academic Fellowship Scheme

Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) manages and hosts the Academic Fellowship Scheme. 

The scheme aims to:

  • give the Parliament specialised resources to let it undertake and communicate analysis, which would otherwise not be possible
  • increase the use of academic knowledge, skills and research within the Parliament
  • promote knowledge and understanding of the Parliament within the academic sector

The scheme is open to academics from all disciplines. Candidates without a PhD and post-doctoral experience will only be taken on in exceptional cases. They must show significant experience in their field.   

Visiting the Parliament 

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, fellows will most likely not work in the Parliament building on a regular basis at the current time. Work will be done through MS Teams or Zoom. We expect more opportunities though for work in the Parliament building in the coming months (in particular as regards Committee work).

Call for bids

There are currently no open calls. Our next call will be advertised via our Twitter account @SPICe_Research

If you have any queries, please email [email protected]