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Chamber and committees

Meeting date: Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Net Zero, Energy and Transport Committee 22 June 2021

Agenda: Interests, Convener, Deputy Convener, Decision on Taking Business in Private, Legacy Papers



Welcome to the first meeting in session 6 of the Net Zero, Energy and Transport Committee. I am the MSP for Linlithgow. As the oldest member of the committee, I have the pleasure of convening the meeting for the first two items of business. I take this opportunity to welcome all members to the committee and I look forward to working with you. I remind everyone present to switch their mobile phones to silent.

Agenda item 1 is for each of us to declare any interests that we have that are relevant to the work of the committee. Background information on the declaration of interests is provided in paper 1.

I do not have any interests to declare for the purposes of this committee.

The members of the committee are Natalie Don, Jackie Dunbar, Liam Kerr, Monica Lennon, Dean Lockhart and Mark Ruskell. I will ask them, in alphabetical order, to declare any interests. Please wait until I call you before speaking—that will allow broadcasting to unmute your mic.

I invite Natalie Don to declare her interests.

I declare that I am still a councillor at Renfrewshire Council. I mention that in case there is a crossover between any of the issues that we discuss in the committee and those that arise in my role as councillor.

Thank you, Natalie. Do you have any other interests to declare?

No, that is my only interest, thank you.

I call Jackie Dunbar.

My interest is similar to Natalie’s. I am still a serving councillor for Aberdeen City Council. I make the declaration in case anything that the council and the committee discuss coincides. I have no other interests to declare.

Thank you very much, Jackie. I call Liam Kerr.

I do not believe that I have any particular interests to declare. However, members and viewers might be interested to know that I have a small shareholding in a community hydroelectric project in Aberdeen.

Thank you very much, Liam. We move to Monica Lennon.

I have no relevant interests to declare.

Thank you very much, Monica. We move to Dean Lockhart.

I have a minority shareholding in a smart meter company that is based in England. I have nothing else to declare.

Thank you very much, Dean. Finally, we move to Mark Ruskell.

I have nothing to declare.

Thank you very much, Mark.