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Chamber and committees

Health, Social Care and Sport Committee

Meeting date: Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Agenda: Interests, Convener, Deputy Convener, Decision on Taking Business in Private, Legacy Paper


Legacy Paper

The Convener

Under agenda item 5, the committee is asked to thank the session 5 Health and Sport Committee for its legacy paper. Are members content to note the paper and to agree to consider it as part of our work programme discussions? We are.

I am just going to see whether we have Stephanie Callaghan back, so that she can make her declaration of interests. I am not seeing that she is here, so we might need to suspend briefly.

We can take her declaration of interests in the private part of the meeting. We will make sure that members of the public will be able to see that.

I close the public part of the meeting.

11:23 Meeting continued in private until 12:17.