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Chamber and committees

Meeting date: Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Justice Committee 07 January 2020

Agenda: Children (Scotland) Bill: Stage 1, Subordinate Legislation


Subordinate Legislation

Firefighters’ Pension and Compensation Schemes (Amendment) (Scotland) Order 2019 (SSI 2019/382)

The Convener

Agenda item 2 is consideration of a negative instrument. I refer members to paper 4, which is a note by the clerk. The committee previously considered the instrument at its meeting on 3 December 2019 and agreed to write to the Minister for Community Safety. The minister passed it on to Kate Forbes, whose response is included in the annex to paper 4.

Members appear to have no comments to make. Is the committee agreed that it does not wish to make any recommendations in relation to the instrument?

Members indicated agreement.

The Convener

That concludes the public part of today’s meeting. Our next meeting is on Tuesday 14 January, when we will continue to take evidence on the Children (Scotland) Bill.

12:30 Meeting continued in private until 12:53.