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Our disclosure log lists information that we have released in response to FOI requests. 

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You can search for information from the Disclosure Log by selecting from the drop-down menus or by entering a keyword in the "Search Term" box. For example, if you are interested in seeing information released by the Parliament under FOI in the last month or the last 6 months, choose those options from the drop down menu for "Period". If you are looking for information released in a specific month, use the "Specific Month/Year" drop down menu. If you wish to search for information on a particular subject (for example "catering" or "allowances") enter the relevant terms in the "Search Term" box.

Having found the relevant entries, if you click on the "Details" button on the right hand side, you will be able to access PDF versions of the information released in response to the FOI request.

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Request NumberDisclosure Summary 
629356 Information regarding the remit and membership of the Social Security Committee. Details
629274 Information relating to the number of staff working for MSPs in the current and previous sessions together with the number of settlement agreements between MSPs and their staff. Details
628824 Information relating to the use of multiple function devices (MFDs) by constituency MSPs on the Wst Coast of Scotland.in the years 2017/2018. Details
628745 Information relating to the Scottish Parliament Contributory Pension Fund for Members. Details
628699 Information provided in reply to questions regarding settlement agreements between MSPs and thir staff since 2007. Details
628513 The number of staff employed by MSPs and the cost of providing a catering service at the Scottish Parliament. Details
628401 I would like a breakdown of all incidents when an MSP’s member of staff left their employment and received a payment upon leaving their position. In each instance I would like to know the name of the MSP, political party they belong to, the date, the reason for leaving, the amount paid, and whether a non-disclosure agreement was signed. Details
628310 Information relating to visitor access to the Scottish Parliament. Details
628290 Information regarding technical telephony, unified communications and contract centre mannufacturers. Details
628199 Information regarding the supply of photocopiers to constituency offices and how this service is billed. Details
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