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Closing date: 11 March

Sifting process: 15 - 27 March

Assessment centre: 8 - 12 April

Interviews: 6 - 10 May


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A Day in the Life of a Sub-Editor

A sub-editor’s job is varied and full. It’s a great role in the heart of the Parliament, where all Scottish life comes under the microscope.My working week includes editorial work on Official Reports, coaching a small group of reporters and I enjoy getting involved in interesting work beyond copy-editing and sometimes beyond the office.  It starts on Tuesday morning, when I’m preparing the Official Report of the Economy, Energy and Fair Work Committee for publication. If I’m rostered to be the duty editor for that day’s chamber business, I’ll also be briefing the team on things to look out for, creating debate headings, checking motions and amendments, and anticipating any editorial decisions. Later, I’ll allocate the day’s reported copy to the rest of the sub-editorial team. My week finishes on Thursday evening, by which time I’ll have worked on several committee meetings, to some quite tight deadlines, and all of the week’s chamber business. I will also have caught up with the reporters whose performance and development I manage. In between, I may have had a meeting of the diversity staff network on mental health or attended one of its events, which I help to arrange.

I appreciate the opportunity to work in the official report for three days a week, as it enables me to balance my work with my parental responsibilities and other life interests.

Polly Mackenzie, Sub -Editor

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