Draft Sexual Harassment Policy - For Consultation

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The Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body (SPCB) is seeking your views on key aspects of the proposed policy on sexual harassment (PDF, 290KB). 

The SPCB welcomes the recommendations in the Joint Working Group’s Report as a package of practical and effective measures and also agrees that all building users should have the opportunity to comment on the policy before it is finalised.

What are we consulting on?

The consultation is focussed on this policy only.  It does not cover the process for dealing with complaints against members.  This is for the Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee to consider and deal with as it sees fit.

The SPCB is seeking your views on the following:

Reporting procedures – dealing with issues informally
1. Are there any other ways of dealing with issues informally that should be included in our procedures?

Reporting procedures – dealing with issues formally
2. Is there anything else that should be covered in the process for dealing with formal complaints?

3. What would you like the forthcoming guidance to focus on?

4. Is there anything else that the policy and procedures should cover?

How to submit
You can submit your response by sending an email to SHPolicyConsultation@Parliament.Scot.

You may wish to use this form (Word, 26KB) to provide your response.

A limited number of people working in the Human Resources Office and SPICe will have access to the responses received.

Individual responses will not be published, however a summary will be published.

The deadline for submitting comments is 31 January 2019.

What happens next?
The SPCB will consider the responses from the consultation and the views of the Joint Working Group on those responses.  The SPCB is aiming to publish the final policy in March 2019.












Response Form

This Word document can be used to provide your response

Draft Sexual Harassment Policy - Consultation Response Form (Word, 26KB)

Please email to:


The following privacy statement provides information on how we handle personal data in relation to this consultation

SPICe: Sexual Harassment Policy Consultation (PDF, 158KB)



Draft Sexual Harassment Policy

Please find copies of the draft policy in Word and PDF formats

Draft Sexual Harassment Policy (Word, 148KB)

Draft Sexual Harassment Policy (PDF, 290KB)

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