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About the Scottish Parliament

Information about the new website

Find out more about the new website and how we are making the Parliament’s information accessible for everyone.

You can also still access information on our old website  

Why the Parliament has a new website

Our old website was becoming out-dated. It was difficult to find information and it didn’t respond well on mobile devices (like phones and tablets). We wanted to create a new site that fixed these problems but also met the needs of our users. This is called “user-centred design”.

To achieve this the new site is built with the following 4 principles in mind. Our content is:

  • findable
  • user-centred
  • consistent
  • accessible

Find out more about "user-centred design”

Find out more about our content strategy 

What do we mean by findable?

This means we help people find information as quickly and easily as possible.

The new website has simplified the navigation and information is better signposted. This means you can find what you need quickly and easily.

What do we mean by user centred?

Our new website is built around the needs of the people who use it.

We have done a lot of research to find out more about the people who use our site and what they need from it. We have tested the new site with the people who use it, and made changes based on their feedback.

What do we mean by consistent?

We have a consistent style and tone across the website. This means you can expect similar language, look and behaviour from the site, wherever you are on it.

What do we mean by accessible?

An accessible website can be used and understood by everyone. We’ve done this by using plain English so that it’s easy to understand. We have also made improvements for people who use assistive technology (like screen-readers) to access our information.

What’s different and what’s new

What’s On/Business Bulletin

It’s important people can quickly find out what’s going on in the Parliament. To help them, we’ve introduced a new section to our website called What’s on. What’s on makes it easy to find out what is going on in Parliament.

What’s On has information on:

  • parliamentary announcements (like recess dates or a Bill getting Royal Assent)
  • the passage of Bills and other legislation
  • what parliamentary and committee business is happening that day
  • upcoming debates, motions and votes
  • written questions from MSPs to the Scottish Government

We know some users rely on a PDF version of the Business Bulletin so we’ve made this available too.

Explore What's On


We’ve also made changes to the Bill pages and information. We have:

  • introduced plain English Bill summaries to help everyone understand the purpose of a Bill and why it is needed
  • improved the accessibility of accompanying Bill documents to meet accessibility regulations
  • added the Official Reports and videos to the Bill page
  • made the design is more user-friendly for mobile devices

Explore the Bills pages

But the story doesn’t end there.

Websites continually evolve and the Parliament’s new website is no different. 

We will always look to improve the user experience and we welcome your feedback. 

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