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PE01751: Create no wild camp zones in Scotland

Environment Energy

Petitioner: Kirsteen Currie


Date Lodged: 24 September 2019

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to create legislation to enable local authorities to create no wild camp zones in Scotland. 

Do you agree that having legislation in place for local authorities to create no wild camp zones would provide the ideal compromise to protect the environment and infrastructure and encourage responsible tourism?

I think it is a quite desperate situation camper vans simply refuse to use some excellent facilities. There is a lovely campsite in Tongue. Every night in the summer there is at least 12 campervans on the causeway 250 metres away refusing to use this modern facility. It is not a case of creating new facilities, it is using those which exist!

Dorothy Pritchard

1:16 on 21 Sep 2019

The North Coast 500 has been a resounding success in terms of bringing tourists to the area. However the camper vans are causing much despair and dismay to the folk using the route every day. Litter and human excrement is left and the campers do not use the very good facilities

Frances Gunn

13:39 on 20 Sep 2019

Only looking for common decency and respec for homeowners privacy

Ruth Clark

16:55 on 05 Sep 2019

stop wild camping near peoples home as well as in carparks

Rachel Godding

9:25 on 05 Sep 2019

This petition seems to be the creation of a sole crusader. The rural communities referred to have elected representatives in the form on community councils and local councillors, and many are also represented by development trusts. If they feel strongly about the issue, it is these bodies that should be making representations and only after proper environmental research and consultation with those directly affected. Eroding the rights of all citizens is not the answer.

Nic Welsh

14:19 on 04 Sep 2019

I completely disagree with this petition, the outdoor access code works with little fault in Scotland. More education and policing is needed in certain parts of the country but imposing complete bans totally ruins it for those acting responsibly and goes against everything the current outdoor access code stands for!

Douglas carchrie

13:51 on 04 Sep 2019

With increasing tourist pressure we need powers to manage an protect the landscape that attracts visitors.

Serena Mason

12:46 on 04 Sep 2019

Done seeing bins over flowing in middle of nowhere and people having a no 2 outside their camping site!

Liz wood

8:59 on 04 Sep 2019

Having visited the South side of Loch Tummel for nearly 20 years it has been devastating to witness the rubbish people leave behind when wild camping. Some of my favourite walking spots are now no go areas due to human waste and view spots are ruined by rubbish. I am all for people enjoying nature but it seems there is a lack of respect for nature and a belief that it is ok to leave everything behind.

Ruth Holland

20:28 on 26 Aug 2019

I often go through Drumnadrochit and it's awful! Camper vans parked in cemetery entrances, tents in picnic areas. People uri

Denise Thompson

14:58 on 23 Aug 2019

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