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PE01503: Review of A9 speed camera proposals'

Petitioner: Mike Burns on behalf of Average Speed Cameras on the A9 are not the answer


Date Lodged: 20 December 2013

The A9 Safety Group recently proposed an Average Speed Camera System on the A9 in order to reduce fatalities. This group belives this is the incorrect decision based on official statistics which show that breaking thew speed limit accounts for only 2% of accidents on the A9, whereas overtaking manouvres account for nearly 50% of A9 accidents. We belive that the A9 Safety Group has not investigated adequate alternatives to deal with the majority cause of A9 accidents and the modelling used to propose the A9 system is flawed. We belive there should be a full parliamentary debate on the proposal along with the reformation of the A9 Safety Group to allow representation from car drivers, who make up over 95% of A9 road users, yet have not been involved in an A9 Safety Group meetings. We belive as the evidence is flawed and does not have full parliamentty support, the A9 Speed Camera System must be delayed indefinately until an investigation is carried out to look at the workings of the A9 Safety Group, Transport Scotland and investiagte other proposals which would have a direct impact on overtaking, which is the main offical cause of accidents on the A9.

Petition History:


28 January 2014: The Committee took evidence from Mike Burns. The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government/Transport Scotland, members of the A9 safety group, the AA, the RAC and the Institute of Advanced Motorists. Link to Official Report 28 January 2014 (550KB pdf)

Below: Mike Burns giving evidence on 28 January 2014

22 April 2014: The Committee agreed to write to the petitioner and the A9 Safety Group. Link to Official Report 22 April 2014 (430KB pdf)

17 June 2014: The Committee agreed to close the petition, under Rule 15.7, on the basis that the majority of responses received by the Committee were of the view that average speed cameras would have a positive impact on road safety and work has now begun on installing the equipment. In doing so, the Committee also agreed to write to the Scottish Government. Link to Official Report 17 June 2014 (589KB pdf)

Written Submissions:

- 91% of A9 Drivers surveyed do not believe Average Speed Cameras will resolve the current safety issues

- Dualling the A9 is the only solution but the campaign is fully aware this is not an immediate option, however, realistic interim solutions which address real issues need to be implemented after investigation.

- Despite assurances, even if the system goes ahead, no statement has been made on the system removal after dualling

- Accidents are likely to rise in the first year under an A9 SPECS system which is a negligent position to take by Transport Scotland

- There is no evidence that alternative systems such as Lane and Spacing control have been fully investigated as an alternative to directly address the main cause of A9 accidents which is overtaking

- The Modelling used for the A9 Camera proposal was flawed with a limited time frame comparison

- The A9 Safety Group has not involved any bodies which can clearly represent the main batch of A9 users which is car drivers

- HGV's already travel at 50mph and despite being involved in more accidents than average, official statistics show they are in most cases not at fault

- The A9 needs a comprehensive interim solution which covers a wide range of issues as drivers have made clear and it appears that the A9 Safety Group along with Transport Scotland have ignored more fundamental issues as to why the accidents are happening, most of which are overtaking and not speeding.

We believe the following should happen as a result of a successful petition

- A indefinate delay on installation until there has been a full
review and investigation of alternative proposals which has not been
demonstarted by Transport Scotland
'- A revised modelling of A9 Average Speed Cameras based on a 365 day
model and not a 24 hour model as currently presented
- The model to be based on actual camera location proposals on A9 as
this mdoel does not yet exist
- The same depth of investigation and modelling also applied to lane
control systems which outlaw overtaking which is the determined root
cause of over 550 A9 incidents in the previous 9 years as oppsoed to
27 assesed to be blamed on speeding
- The same depth of investigation into the Double Chevron road marking
system and enforcing space restrictions or 500 meteres between HGV's
to promote safer overtaking as per continental Europe, whilst
enforcing a ban on HGV Overtaking on the length of the A9 until
Dualling is complete.
- A full 3 year trial of allowing HGV's to travel at 50mph on the A9
to be completed before any Camera Installation work, as the Camera
proposal had a 3 year lead time before full effects would be know, so
the same principle must be applied
- The A9 Safety Group to be disbanded in its current form and
regrouped to include representation for Car Drivers in a balaned
manner to reflect their status as completing over 95% of all jpurneys
on the A9
- A full independent investigation into the conduct of the A9 Safety Group
- A full investigation into contact between Transport Scotland and
manafacturers of Average Speed Camera systems over the past 4 years in
relation to the A9 to ensure there has been no improper lobbying based
on a business case as suggested by minutes of the A9 safety Group

Look to prevent hgv's travelling together - happens frequently - makes it a massive and dangerous overtake!!

Fiona MacQueen

10:44 on 18 Dec 2013

The money for cameras n all the hype that goes with it would be better spent on dialling the A9 now, notin years to come. They can find money for disasters all over the world, why not spend it on the disaster that is the A9. As is is a disaster for the families of everybody killed on it every year, no matter the cause......if Alex Salmond lived in Inverness it would be done, same as it has been done from Edinburgh to Ellon a few miles from his home........rant over

Calum Mackinnon

6:56 on 18 Dec 2013

When towing a caravan on this road at the prescribed speed limits 50 and 60 mph, solo cars overtaking pose real danger to my family and on coming vehicles. Speed limits and their enforcement is a mess in the UK

Alex Ayers

18:04 on 17 Dec 2013

As a regular traveller on this road I have regularly witnessed extremely dangerous overtaking manoeuvres and near misses, people driving at faster speeds stop tailbacks when faced with slow vehicles.


10:26 on 17 Dec 2013

Its revenue that the government are more intrested in.

Darren faulkner

8:49 on 17 Dec 2013

waste of money better to spend it dualing the road all the way. So much for independence and infrastruture

Roy Cleary

22:03 on 16 Dec 2013

Average speed cameras are not the answer as car drivers do noy know how they work so wont overtake fast enough as they will think they will get done for speeding therefore travelling along on the wrong side for a longer time making accidents more limely to happen

Scott Mckenzie

21:57 on 16 Dec 2013

Frustration causes accidents, not speed! Bring the A9 upgrade forward instead of wasting money on cameras!

Graham Thompson

18:16 on 16 Dec 2013

More visible police traffic patrols would prevent a lot of these accidents. In most cases accidents are caused by instances of drivers becoming imatient and trying to overtake when the circumstances are wrong.

John MacDonald

17:07 on 16 Dec 2013

As a regular user of the A9 I fed up being stuck behind slow moving lorries no curtice very few pull to allow overtaking as far as roads we are the poorest country world I have driven it a lot of different places even in3 country they have better roads than us .

Murdo graham

15:28 on 16 Dec 2013

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