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PE01535: Teach sustainability and ban disposable plastic bags

Environment Energy

Petitioner: Alexander Fraser


Date Lodged: 09 November 2014

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to:

  • make teaching sustainability and the environment mandatory in secondary schools; and
  • ban all disposable plastic bags in supermarkets and shops to aid the environment.

Petition History:


25 November 2014: The Committee took evidence from Alexander Fraser. The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government, Zero Waste Scotland, the Scottish Retail Consortium and headteacher organisations. Link to Official Report 25 November 2014

17 February 2015: The Committee agreed to close the petition, under Rule 15.7, on the basis that having considered the response received, it is of the view that sufficient action is being taken in this area. Link to Official Report 17 February 2015 

Written Submissions:

This government should resolve to help stop climate change and other environmental issues to safeguard our future and the planet. They are doing more work than most nations to help these issues but more must be done to prevent irreversible climate change. Their actions are not going far enough to help the situation. The proposals in this petition are required to stop the damage being done to our environment and should be acted on as soon as possible. I believe that the our education system is a perfect platform to educate people about sustainability and the environment but it is not currently being utilised to its full potential.

Plastic bags are not just harmful to the environment but also to wildlife. We see this in the Great Pacific Garbage Patchwhere wildlife dies daily as a result of human actions. Because of this plastic bags should be banned. At the same time just stopping the use of plastic bags will not be enough to tackle climate change.

We must also educate our children from an early age to show them the impact of what they do to the environment and not leave that chance. Education is the best way out of most problems and it is exactly the same here. If we can make children more aware of the dangers to the environment, we will not have to take tough decisions on the environment because their habits will change.

Sustainability is absolutely fundamental to our survival on this planet. It should infiltrate everything we do and everything we teach our children. It is that simple.

Margaret Trevelyan

19:16 on 07 Oct 2014

While sustainability is a cross-cutting theme and appears prominently in some schools' improvement plans, the same cannot be said for all schools and in many relevant subject courses the environment remains an optional topic. Banning plastic bags is a move some supermarkets have already taken and is a good start to make consumers think about their effect on the environment.

Sophie Bigg

13:52 on 07 Oct 2014

Great idea - Scandinavia did this when I was a child, over 30 years ago!

Kristiana Gotzsche Robertson

13:46 on 07 Oct 2014

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