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PE01837: Provide clear direction and investment for autism support


Petitioner: Stephen Leighton


Closing Date for Online Petition: 09 December 2020

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to:

  • clarify how autistic people, who do not have a learning disability and/or mental disorder, can access support and;
  • allocate investment for autism support teams in every local authority or health and social care partnership in Scotland.

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Comments (57)

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Do you agree dedicated autism support would save hundreds of millions of pounds?

Could there be an audit of escapable costs within mental health to identify funding for autism support teams?

How much is needed to fund autism support teams?

The lack of understanding and professional support is damaging to mental health and leaves many families with little or no income to support their children as have to give up good jobs. Little support in schools and health sectors if or when diagnosis is given. We need the energy to support our families not to battle basic human rights.

Gillian Strachan

9:08 on 25 Nov 2020

Support the people who have autism please.

Jeffrey Allen

8:37 on 25 Nov 2020

I petition this.

Helen Fletcher

13:48 on 24 Nov 2020

Any help will be so appreciated there is never enough to know especially for Grandparents.

Anne Shearer

18:48 on 23 Nov 2020

Support for people with Autism need to be supported from cradle to grave...

Jeanette Nunnery

17:14 on 23 Nov 2020

This is essential for people with autism. They need the support and they are being let down badly.

Sue Dillon

16:15 on 23 Nov 2020

We as families do not want anyone to do the work for us, we require dedicated support for our autistic children to enable us all to enjoy life to the best of our abilities and avoid crisis points which in the end costs more!

Kim Ballantine

11:43 on 22 Nov 2020


Rachel Mccann

15:38 on 20 Nov 2020

I worked as an autistic specialist for 6 years. How we perceive autism is flawed. I believe we are witnessing evolution in action and as d uh ch society needs to create spaces that are specifically designed to allow for the full spectrum of autistic expression and experience. We need to stop perceiving autism as a mess than us disease and more as an evolutionary jump for which the future of society needs to cater for rather than attempt to kill through genetic identification and elimination.

Maria Martinez

13:35 on 20 Nov 2020

Dedicated support is essential for people who live with Autism and for their families.

Susan James

9:56 on 19 Nov 2020

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