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PE01618: Combatting Motorcycle Theft


Petitioner: Carl Grundy on behalf of Riders Club Edinburgh


Date Lodged: 05 October 2016

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to take action to more effectively combat motorcycle theft and related offences.

Petition History:


27 October 2016: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government and Police Scotland and to hold an informal meeting with the petitioner. Link to Official Report 27 October 2016

19 January 2017: The Committee agreed to defer consideration of the petition to a future meeting. Link to Official Report 19 January 2017

2 February 2017: The Committee agreed to write to Visit Scotland, Youth Link and Police Scotland. Link to Official Report 2 February 2017

27 April 2017: The Committee agreed to close the petition under Standing Orders Rule 15.7 on the basis that stakeholders consider that Police Scotland has adequate powers in relation to motor cycle theft and measures are in place to address the wider social issues. Link to the Official Report

Written Submissions: 

How many times have you seen youths with no helmets riding stolen motorcycles?

Have you ever had your motorcycle stolen?

How many of your friends have had a motorcycle stolen?

This needs to stop, the police actually need to do something about this.

Nicola Zani MacDonald

19:42 on 05 Oct 2016

Something needs to be done before another youngster is killed.

Betty Stevenson

15:37 on 05 Oct 2016

Constantly see motorbikes drive up and down the road outside our flat in Muirhouse area, doing stupid speeds and are presumably stolen.


22:22 on 04 Oct 2016

As a member of Pilton community I have noticed how much lawlessness is prevalent with the youth on motorcycles and nothing being done.

Belinda Orubu

21:25 on 04 Oct 2016

It's only a matter of time before another families life's end in a tragedy

Susanne Malcolm

21:03 on 04 Oct 2016

Something needs done NOW


17:42 on 04 Oct 2016

Far too many kids getting hurt with motorbikes


13:29 on 04 Oct 2016

Something really neefs to be done

Linda mcvey

11:57 on 04 Oct 2016

They are round my area evety night I've seen lots and helped the police with identity of some off the people and still nothing done


11:49 on 04 Oct 2016

This has to stop, the laws have to be changed because they know there can be nothing done to them unless they actually kill an innocent which will happen, its not juat motorbikes its cars too.


9:02 on 04 Oct 2016

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