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PE01811: Independent sport ombudsman

Culture Sport

Petitioner: Ken White


Date Lodged: 30 July 2020

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to establish an independent sports ombudsman to –

  • provide a duty of care to all participants, coaches, officials, support staff, volunteers and clubs, ensuring all are treated fairly and without prejudice; and
  • review and arbitrate on disputes with Scottish Governing Bodies (SGBs)

  • Do you believe an independent Sports Ombudsman is necessary to safeguard the interest of everyone involved in sport, in Scotland?
  • Do you agree that in addition to safeguarding individuals and clubs a sports ombudsman will be beneficial to SGBs in ensuring that their policies, rules and procedures are fit for purpose? 

This would be a great boost to all sports and is a much needed appointment.

Stuart Goodfellow

20:07 on 30 Jun 2020

The part about this petition that got me was the prejudice part I will never tolerate people being prejudice towards others here in Scotland that will not be tolerated here that is why i signed this petition

Robbie Bald

0:06 on 30 Jun 2020

Bullying and the idea of superiority by Sport Governing Bodies needs to stop. There has to be somewhere independent for all involved in sport to be able to turn to. Bearing in mind a lot of people are volunteers and the majority of participants are not professionals so will not have the support that professional participants have. SGB staff are paid. Without the volunteers sports would not run.

Janine Rowbotham

13:23 on 29 Jun 2020

Too many people who should not be coaching children are

David Nelson

20:14 on 24 Jun 2020

I support this petition

Ken & Pauline Richards

11:22 on 19 Jun 2020

This is long overdue for sport.

Andy Smith

22:54 on 18 Jun 2020

I believe it us in the interest of every sport to have an independent body that they can turn to for unbiased support and assistance.


22:35 on 18 Jun 2020

All sports need an independent body that they can turn to for assistance.


22:32 on 18 Jun 2020

Yep all for it 100%.

Walter Hay

16:37 on 18 Jun 2020

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