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PE01611: Mental Health Services in Scotland


Petitioner: Angela Hamilton


Date Lodged: 27 July 2016

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to improve access to mental health services in Scotland by—

1. Reducing the mental health waiting time target from 18 weeks to 14 weeks for adult therapies, and to 12 weeks for child and adolescent mental health services, and committing to ensuring 90% of patients begin treatment within these times;

2. Providing funding to ensure primary care staff receive additional training on supporting patients with mental health conditions; and

3. Providing funding for third sector organisations that deliver community based services, such as support groups, which can be accessed by patients whilst waiting for referral appointments.

Petition History:

The petitioner also collected 114 offline signatures. 


27 October 2016: The Committee agreed to refer the petition to the Health and Sport Committee under Rule 15.6.2 of Standing Orders. Link to Official Report 27 October 2016

22 November 2016: The Committee agreed to consider the petition as part of its current work on mental health.

Written Submissions: 


One in four of us will experience mental health issues. That could be your husband, wife, daughter, son or even you. It could be anyone you know and love. Like me, you will only want the best support and treatment. What you won't want is the long waiting time and lack of services available in your area.

In 2014, I had to wait 11 months to get the help I needed. That is far too long and I really hope the Scottish Government will take notice, take responsibility and implement much needed change.

We need better access to psychological services, shorter waiting times and an increase in community based services.

Please take two minutes to sign this petition.

Thank you


Mental health affects us all need to b able to get help

lynn gardner

23:43 on 27 Jul 2016

So many ppl going through this and getting no help. Things need to change and sooner rather than later.

Gina M

11:32 on 26 Jul 2016

It is amazing what you are doing so many people out there that don't think about everything that goes on with people around us raising awareness to this is honestly amazing well done x

Ruth mccutcheon

23:19 on 25 Jul 2016

This is a worthwhile cause and closer to a lot of people than you may think. Well done angela

Louise Hislop

22:50 on 25 Jul 2016

I sign a declaration to this petition. I want changes made to help others batteling mental illness

Maggie K

22:30 on 25 Jul 2016

Support this so much as I've got mental health issues and gets ignored by government and health professionals as well.

Ian johnstone

15:10 on 25 Jul 2016

Fully support this extremely necessary action.

Jeanette Pender

3:21 on 24 Jul 2016

All because it's unseen, it doesn't mean it's not there.

Mark Wright

18:43 on 23 Jul 2016

You Have To Do More.

Keith Blake

0:40 on 23 Jul 2016

Keep mental health services available. We need them. Simple as that.

Elaine glen

22:41 on 22 Jul 2016

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