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PE01803: Right to Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS)

Petitioner: Dr Eurig Scandrett on behalf of Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign


Closing Date for Online Petition: 23 April 2020

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to support the right of public bodies and institutions in Scotland to debate, (and where democratically supported) to endorse and implement Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against foreign countries and those who trade with them.

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Comments (11)

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Do you agree the responsibility for governance of public bodies in Scotland should remain with the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament?

Should the UK Government be able to “stop public institutions from imposing their own approach or views about international relations”?

There is a very strong pressure from Israeli interests to suppress fight back from Palestinians against israeli government presecution and Scottish Government must resist it

Gordon Wilson

10:20 on 22 Mar 2020

The case for action against Israeli government treatment of Palestinians is clear from evidence from Edinburgh Action for Palestine. It is as important as action agaisnt apartheid south africa was

Gordon Wilson

10:17 on 22 Mar 2020

I believe that governance in Scotland should be the prerogative of the Scottish Government. This issue is about Human Rights. Our right to say that the breaking of international agreements is wrong and should not be defended for economic or political reasons. The attempt to accuse objectors to the apartheid policies of the Israeli state of antisemitism is part of that states policy to legitimise itself and needs to be challenged.

Anthony Buxton.

11:45 on 21 Mar 2020

This is ridiculous. There should be no place in Scotland for racism. This veiled attempt to justify and legalize BDS is not acceptable

Elena Nicol

19:50 on 20 Mar 2020

To support the granting of freedom to any people should always be a right afforded to all humanity. To be able to protest against Apartheid states should be a human right for all.

Tim Michael Donnelly

18:32 on 19 Mar 2020

BDS is a hate movement that does nothing to contribute to a peaceful solution. BDS is linked to and supported by terrorist organisations. It should be illegal for public bodies and institutions to endorse BDS.

Teresa Trainor

20:24 on 18 Mar 2020

Does no one in Scotland have anything better to do than foster hate against Israel? On devices using Israeli technology, when Israel will soon be marketing a coronavirus vaccine?

Rachell Fried

13:23 on 18 Mar 2020

BDS is an anti Semite organization that adopted strategic tactics of the Nazis. They spread hate and lies and do not look for any resolution or peace, they are looking to destroy the only Jewish state that exist, a state so smal it takes 67 hours drive frim north to East and 25 minutes frim East to west. Please do not let hate win. Stop BDS and outlaw their activity. Even Germany de laid them as anti Semite organization.

Matana Ramati

11:36 on 18 Mar 2020

The German Parliament declared BDS anti-Semitic.

Ron Temud

7:55 on 18 Mar 2020

The clause, "and those who trade with them" is to enable people to have an excuse to discriminate against Jews and people who believe in Israel's right to exist - a right that is an incontrovertible part of international law because Israel is a UN member state. Asserting such a spurious "right" is tantamount to giving legal cover to anti-Semites. Therefore, only an anti-Semite will support such a malicious and hostile clause. If you want to boycott Israeli products, do so. But to boycott those who do not join you in that? It's illegitimate.

Steven Grossman

5:38 on 18 Mar 2020

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