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PE01800: Expand the remit of the Lands Tribunal for Scotland

Housing Planning

Petitioner: Siobhan Samson on behalf of Bo'ness Community Council & Grangemouth Community Council (including Skinflats)


Date Lodged: 14 April 2020

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to expand the remit of the Lands Tribunal for Scotland to include the consideration of planning decisions, which are currently called-in by Scottish Ministers. 

Petition History:

Leave it open

Phyllis Warner

13:21 on 01 Apr 2020

I used to work for BP Chemicals from the 1970's when it was a very much larger operation. BP would have liked the road closed back then but they accepted the fact that the road was there prior to them and that took precedence. There was no great inconvenience back then, no hold up for traffic. Any concerns about public safety should not be used in any discussions as unlike decades ago there is far less risk of any public danger. In the past there was far more hazardous chemicals that there is today and today's safety standards are far higher than they used to be. The only reason for Ineos wanting closure of this road is that they can reduce manpower at the gates.

Anatoliusz Ivanov

14:00 on 25 Mar 2020

Keep it open

Pete Preston

19:47 on 07 Mar 2020

If there was a major accident or fatalities on the only other road into Bo'ness the town would be cut off as no public transport would be able to run x

Jenny gilmour

7:58 on 06 Mar 2020

Having seen the closure of the A904 between Grangemouth - Bo'ness after an appeal was launched by Ineos after the Falkirk Council elected to keep the road open


8:42 on 05 Mar 2020

Shame we can't over turn the ineos decision considering the msp represented Aberdeen who had the casting vote

Jacqueline harrison

20:01 on 04 Mar 2020

Another slap in the face for Bo'ness.

Dorothy Oliver

19:12 on 04 Mar 2020

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