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PE01438: Improving services for people with mental illness


Petitioner: Lynsey Pattie


Date Lodged: 30 September 2012

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to provide improved mental health services for those people in hospital and that have been discharged after having a mental health problem, and to actively stop the stigma of mental ill-health to ensure that people with mental health problems do not feel ashamed of their feelings.

Petition History:

The petitioner has collected 171 offline signatures.


13 November 2012: The Committee took evidence from Lynsey Pattie. The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government, the Scottish Association for Mental Health, the Scottish Recovery Network, the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Penumbra, a selection of NHS boards (Fife, Borders and Lothian), Recovery Across Mental Health, the Glasgow Association for Mental Health, the British Medical Association and the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations. Link to Official Report 13 November 2012 (438KB pdf)

22 January 2013: The Committee agreed to write to those organisations and bodies that have yet to respond to the Committee. Link to Official Report 22 January 2013 (393KB pdf)

5 March 2013: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government. Link to Official Report 5 March 2013 (361KB pdf)

14 May 2013: The Committee agreed to close the petition under Rule 15.7 on the grounds that the Committee is reassured by the work the Scottish Government is undertaking in this area. In closing the petition, the Committee also agreed to bring the written submissions received to the attention of the Health and Sport Committee. Link to Official Report 14 May 2013 (503KB pdf)

Written Submissions;

I believe that the Mentally ill are not treated in the way they should be. I would like better services for people with mental health problems and I would like to tackle the Stigma surrounding mental ill health.

Ian, If you live in Scotland, the scottish association for mental health (SAMH) have a debt service. have a look on their website

Lynsey Pattie

18:24 on 20 Sep 2012

My wife is disabled and we need help with dept problems the help out there is almost nil it can take weeks to see someone

william black

20:37 on 18 Sep 2012

We were recently made aware of a technical difficulty with the reCaptcha system. We are pleased to advise that this difficulty has now been resolved. If anyone becomes aware of a problem with the online petition system could they please report it to petitions@scottish.parliament.uk. Thank you.


15:49 on 14 Sep 2012

It is not clear that you must enter both words and why is one so difficult to read?


17:29 on 23 Aug 2012

Andez. This is my petition for people with mental illness. Think you might have got a bit confused!

Lynsey Pattie

13:15 on 21 Aug 2012

I have suffered from the inability of doctors, police, social work, local council, even mental health suppert providers and my life has been hell not getting the help I ever need. Proud to say I am on the mend but not with any help.

Kenneth MacAlpine

16:16 on 12 Aug 2012

Thanks for posting this Jane. This is a REALLY impnatrot issue for all people with disabilities in Australia.My niece here in Queensland is an amazing 18 year old lady with autism. She is struggling to make the world understand what she wants to say. She has a very supportive father and sisters. But they can't speak for her as much as they would fervently wish to be able to do so.I so hope that policy change can facilitate her access to the technology that she so needs to be able to make her way out into the real world after leaving the support of the Special Education system.That is just my family story. We hear of so many others every day on Spectronics' phones and emails.


23:53 on 01 Aug 2012

Cuts have created a vast catalogue of additional inequalities and deterioration of services for people with mental health problems in and out of hospital.

Elizabeth Greene

12:32 on 30 Jul 2012

good for you lyndsey hope you get good support

heather lang

18:40 on 26 Jul 2012

Great work Lyndsey

Allyson INgram

12:23 on 24 Jul 2012

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