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PE01829: Allow a designated visitor into intensive care wards


Petitioner: Tracy Phillips


Closing Date for Online Petition: 11 November 2020

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to allow a designated carer or family member into intensive care wards to visit, support and care for their loved ones.


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Comments (27)

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Do you agree that patients in intensive care should be able to have a designated visitor who can be there to support them in their recovery?

Poor family must be going out of there mind, this should not be happening. Also, more pressure added to the stressful job the nhs have to work under.

Gerald Curley

9:30 on 10 Oct 2020

No one should be deprived of there loved ones reassurance when they are so poorly.

Gerald Curley

9:15 on 10 Oct 2020

I really hope this gets approved.

Adelle Farley

7:36 on 08 Oct 2020

Having gone through this with my husband it is barbaric that they are not allowed.

Samantha Pilbrow

7:14 on 08 Oct 2020

I feel strongly that intensive care patients should be allowed a designated visitor.

Nancy Georgeson

6:59 on 06 Oct 2020

hope the Government allow this

Charles MacLean

14:32 on 04 Oct 2020

I wud like to think, someone was with me, it's lonely by yourself.

Liz Phillips

9:26 on 04 Oct 2020

For Gillian an everyone else needing the same. In all 4-- England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales.

Liz Phillips

9:24 on 04 Oct 2020

Heart breaking for people

Carol watson

8:56 on 04 Oct 2020


Francis cousins

7:11 on 02 Oct 2020

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