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PE01799: Make it illegal to publish a defendant's address in the press.


Petitioner: Sarah McHardy on behalf of Families Outside


Date Lodged: 07 April 2020

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to make it illegal for any press or media outlet to publish a defendant’s address. 

Petition History:

• Should the press be allowed to publish the address of a defendant in print journalism or wider digital media?

• How would removing the ability to publish a defendant’s address help Scotland fulfil its obligations under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child?

• What impact will ending the current practice of publishing a defendant’s address have on the stigma and social isolation experienced by families affected by imprisonment?

It is simply not right to punish the families of defendants for being related to them. Damage to the family has already been done by the defendant and the state. It should not be compounded by the press for financial gain.

Anthony Buxton

12:00 on 21 Mar 2020

It is obviously a good idea .

William McLean

1:10 on 13 Mar 2020

Offenders families are innocent, they are victims too. Innocent children are being put at risk by having their address printed in the press - how is this in the public interest? Quite simply it is NOT. It must be made illegal in order to protect families and especially children whose very lives are being put at risk. I ask the Scottish Government to silence the press immediately!

Elyse Brown

13:52 on 05 Mar 2020


Henry Mowat Rendall

20:27 on 25 Feb 2020

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