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PE01520: Unrestricted freedom to build on plots of up to 1 acre

Housing Planning

Petitioner: Mary Laing


Date Lodged: 13 May 2014

We call on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to allow every owner-occupier of a plot of up to 1 acre in area the unrestricted freedom to build or extend accommodation for themselves or family members, without any requirement that they seek planning permission, a building warrant, or other authorisation.

Petition History:


17 June 2014: The Committee agreed to close the petition, under Rule 15.7, on the basis that there had been no contact from the petitioner since the end of March 2014. Link to Official Report 17 June 2014 (589KB pdf) 

Let us refuse to bow down to the unproductive interests of the bankers who lend money at interest and to the interests of unnecessary and self-perpetuating bureaucracy.

Let a thousand house styles bloom.

Unleash the creativity which is in us all.

Let us consign to the dustbin of history the need to borrow large sums and pay large amounts of money in interest just to be able to avoid paying large amounts of money in rent.

No! Someone could build a skyscraper in a little village where it would be completely out of place, and if people don't need building warrants they will cut corners and make their buildings unsafe.


17:09 on 02 May 2014

Sorry Mary but as far as changing the planning laws is concerned this is as daft an idea as I have heard,It would be open to all sorts of crazy buildings appearing all over the countryside.

Bob Smith

17:19 on 24 Apr 2014

No one has any rights over land.. The land is gods land and he provided it for all to use.. We are all born human beings and no one man has the authority over any other. So with United Kingdom being a corporation we are only governed by consent, and any act or statute cannot be enforced if we do not consent... Simples...

Colin son of Andrew

13:53 on 16 Apr 2014

This is a brilliant idea. The only reason why some people who consider themselves to be land radicals oppose it is that they do not understand that it would crash land prices and make land easily available to the majority of the population.

David Morris

14:31 on 04 Apr 2014

This is an incredibly bad idea. I support Reforesting Scotland's Thousand Huts campaign, and the adoption of Tan6 low impact planning regs (or others which are easier to understand and comply with which allow low impact dwelleings to be built where people are working on the land). As has been stated elsewhere-'sign this if you want.. bungalows and pastiche mansions with three garages stretching for miles around every town...abolishing planning permission would be carte blanche for high impact car-dependent suburbia'. Also, this 'is a neoliberal solution...to a neoliberal problem, when what we need is a democratic, social solution to that problem'. Restrictions on landbanking by construction companies might help with the problem of the housing shortage, but more social housing and land reform is the only way to solve this, not by allowing anyone rich enough to buy land and build, probably without a mortgage being available in the circumstances outlined in the petition.

Susan Thompson

10:13 on 04 Apr 2014

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