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PE01812: Protect Scotland's remaining ancient, native and semi-native woodlands and woodland floors

Environment Energy

Petitioner: Audrey Baird and Fiona Baker on behalf of Help Trees Help Us


Closing Date for Online Petition: 05 August 2020

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to deliver world-leading legislation giving Scotland's remaining fragments of ancient, native and semi-native woodlands and woodland floors full legal protection before COP 26 (UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties) in Glasgow in November 2021.  

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• Do you agree ancient woodlands are irreplaceable, national treasures that deserve the highest levels of legal protection in order that future generations are able to benefit from them?

• According to SNH’s website, Scotland has much less woodland than other European countries and less than half of Scotland’s woodlands are in good condition.  This is due to problems of poor management and neglect, over and under-grazing, invasive species and pathogens, fragmentation and climate change. Do our ancient and semi-native woodlands need our help?

• The Scottish Government is currently consulting on its National Planning Policy Framework 4. This Framework will guide planning policy in our country until 2050.  Should our remaining ancient and native woodlands be considered as priceless, irreplaceable assets and granted full legal protection?

• Our woodlands are threatened by new developments, over grazing, mountain bike trails, invasive species, pollution, climate change and others.  Do our ancient and native woodlands, which have helped to sustain, inspire and console us for centuries, deserve full legal protection now?

• The natural world and ‘green spaces’ are increasingly recognised as having positive impacts on our physical and mental health and wellbeing.  Is it acceptable that our most treasured ancient and native woodlands can be legally desecrated?

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