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PE01804: Halt Highlands & Islands Airports Ltd's Air Traffic Management Strategy


Petitioner: Alasdair MacEachen, John Doig and Peter Henderson on behalf of Benbecula Community Council


Closing Date for Online Petition: 06 May 2020

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to halt Highlands & Islands Airports Ltd's Air Traffic Management Strategy Project to conduct an independent assessment of the decisions and decision-making process of the ATMS project.


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The connections our air services provide across Scotland from Benbecula to Sumburgh to Dundee are necessary for our communities’ health, economy and leisure. Islanders in particular depend on our life-line air services and HIAL's ATMS project could mean a significant increase in delays and cancellations in airports already often constrained by extreme weather.

Do you agree that there should be an independent assessment of the decisions and decision-making process of the ATMS project?

Insane idea taken with no regard for safety whatsoever. Madness!

Ian MacLeod

9:38 on 06 Apr 2020

Too many vital services are being centralised to one or two centres in Britain with loss of local knowledge and observations

Ingirid Windwick Jolly

22:49 on 05 Apr 2020

Centralising ATC makes the system less resilient. Jobs are far more valuable located in remote communities, & especially such highly skilled types.

John Gray

18:02 on 05 Apr 2020

What plans are in place should the internet connection break down? This is not uncommon in remote areas.

Fiona Celli

15:20 on 05 Apr 2020

I strongly object on the basis of safety, reliability and the loss of local jobs

Elizabeth Davidson

14:54 on 05 Apr 2020

slow drip towards bringing service in a downward spiral for the islands travel

yvonne bryan

14:38 on 05 Apr 2020

Sumburgh airport frequently has some of the worst weather of any airport in UK, with gales, rain and low cloud in the winter and fog in the summer. The terrain surrounding the airport adds additional risk, especially to fixed wing aircraft. Aircraft accidents usually are due to a chain of events coming together, often likened to the holes in a Swiss cheese lining up. If an aircraft has a serious malfunction on a day of evil weather, and the proposed remote Air Traffic comms at Inverness go down at the critical moment, an aircraft emergency could turn into a disaster. The HIAL must be persuaded to abandon this risky policy which is a real threat to a lifeline service.

Frank Pole

11:54 on 05 Apr 2020

Jobs count just as much in Benbecula etc as in Inverness.

Donald R MacDonald

19:04 on 02 Apr 2020

This plan is totally unnecessary, unlikely to bring any improvement to services and is damaging to the local communities and economies.

Peter Shearer

15:44 on 02 Apr 2020

We are currently living in a world where hindsight would have been a wonderful thing, given the pandemic. Let us avoid having to repeat this mantra when the very obvious issues with the 'Air Traffic Management Strategy Project' come home to roost. Act now, not when it is too late.

Michael Bennett

11:53 on 02 Apr 2020

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