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Petitioner: Grant Thomson


Date Lodged: 08 November 2012

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to raise awareness of the links between organ transplantation and cancer by providing appropriate guidance and education to medical professionals, patients, their families and carers; to improve health warning and patient information on the cancer risks associated with the long term use of immuno-suppressant medications and to introduce regular dermatological clinics for these patients to improve on early skin cancer screening and detection levels.




Petition History:


11 December 2012: The Committee took evidence from Grant Thomson, and Sean Argue. The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government, the Scottish Transplant Group, NHS Scotland, NHS Blood and Transplant, the British Medical Assocation Scotland and NHS boards. Link to Official Report 11 December 2012 (518KB pdf)

19 February 2013: The Committee agreed to write again to those NHS boards that have yet to respond and seek an update from the Scottish Government once the patient representatives have reported back to the Scottish Transplant Group in March. Link to Official Report 19 February 2013 (374KB pdf)

16 April 2013: The Committee agreed to write to Professor John Forsythe, the Scottish Government’s Lead Clinician for Organ Donation and Transplantation, and Chair of the Scottish Transplant Group. Link to Official Report 16 April 2013 (472KB pdf)

25 June 2013: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government. Link to Official Report 25 June 2013 (499KB pdf)

17 September 2013: The Committee agreed to close the petition, under Rule 15.7, on the grounds that the three Scottish transplant units and the Newcastle unit have implemented the Scottish Transplant Group’s recommendations. Link to Official Report 17 September 2013 (597KB pdf)

Written Submissions:

This gravity of this issue is not fully appreciated in Scotland in certain areas of the medical profession.

As far back as 2001 my partner was refused Life Insurance when she divulged that she would require a kidney transplant some time in the future.

Insurance companies were aware of the risks to transplant patients as far back as 2001. 

In July 2012 in NHS Lanarkshire, 3 different doctors did not consider a large growth on Sharon's ear could possibly be cancerous.  These 3 separate consultations took place with a period of 8 days when my partner had less than one month to live.

Search for SIGN for SHAZ on Facebook to find out more about this story


Cancer takes too many people too soon. Everything that can prevent this should be done.


23:14 on 08 Nov 2012

In memory of sharon i knew her from high school was a year above me cant believe that such a tragic thing like this has happend to someone that i knew and that if she and her family had the full facts that she may still be with us today if this prevents some other family from going through this then it will be worth it x good luck for the future x

Annette Connelly

18:47 on 08 Nov 2012

Great cause to raise awareness too many lifes lost

katrina mitchell

17:40 on 08 Nov 2012

Good Luck Grant!!!

Nikki Hill

15:45 on 08 Nov 2012

Thank you to everyone who has supported this petition and also for the supportive comments. I saw one comment about preferring the risks of medication to a life on dialysis and I understand completely that point of view however the point of this campaign is that, post-transplant, patients should be in the best possible position to manage those risks so they have the best chance of leading a healthy and long life.

Grant Thomson

13:06 on 08 Nov 2012

I'm fortunate to have been registered for annual screening post transplant and believe all patients should be guaranteed this service.

Graham Millar

12:47 on 08 Nov 2012

In loving memory of shaz R I P, this fight for awareness shall grow stronger & stronger ti save other lives from this terrible condition

Gerry Mullen

11:59 on 08 Nov 2012

Lets kick Cancers ass! To many taken by this terrible ilness.

Lorne Walker

11:51 on 08 Nov 2012

Life is cruel that it takes the death of loved one to make people aware. I really hope this petition does some good. RIP Sharon xx

Laura Jenkins

11:03 on 08 Nov 2012

Cancer takes too many people too soon. Everything that can prevent this should be done.


10:44 on 08 Nov 2012

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