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PE01848: Allow snooker and pool venues to open in more tiers

Culture Sport

Petitioner: Paul Marinello


Date Lodged: 06 January 2021

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to allow snooker and pool venues to open at all levels of the five-tier system of coronavirus restrictions, except tier 4.

Do you agree that Snooker & Pool venues are as safe as bars, restaurants, gyms and amusement arcades?

Do you agree that snooker & pool is a fantastic way to get vulnerable people back out socialising due to the increased social distancing whilst playing the game?

This specific sector has been crucified since day one. It's not only people's livelihoods that are effected you allowed Gyms to reopen but kept Snooker and Pool Halls closed, a baffling decision. I and many others would benefit from being allowed to play the Sport we Love(safely) and it would also help us destress during these most trying of times.

Neil Doherty

21:14 on 06 Jan 2021

Yes i do agree they are as safe as bars & gyms. Before this latest lockdown the local gym was allowed open with at least 10 people. Yet snooker halls are not allowed to be open at all? If football leagues can play why cant we? Also i suffer from depression. Because of this i am not working so snooker was the only way i got out the house and was in contact with anyone.

Allan Docherty

19:04 on 06 Jan 2021

I believe snooker with certain measures, which would be easy to maintain, should at least be tier 3 as it is non contact and good for mental health.

James W

17:44 on 06 Jan 2021

Should be open in more tiers.


15:28 on 06 Jan 2021

Miss the snooker

Davie Hutchison

23:57 on 05 Jan 2021

Snooker halls should be able to open same time as hospitality. If they can have sit-in 2 meter distance so can snooker halls simple.

Rashid baig

19:21 on 05 Jan 2021

Get the snooker halls open, plenty of space for social distancing

Brian woods

18:37 on 05 Jan 2021

Snooker and pool can both easily be played maintaining social distance and wearing ppe and equipment cleaned appropriately. I see no reason why these activities cannot be resumed.

William Hall

16:55 on 05 Jan 2021

I believe there are ways around playing snooker that can keep everyone safe.

Brian Shepley

15:03 on 05 Jan 2021

I am absolutely baffled why something like snooker is not permitted. It is extremely easy to social distance and how contact sports like football and rugby be allowed, but not snooker, is beyond me. And why pubs are allowed open, ahead of a snooker hall, is just bonkers, frankly.

Michael Murphy

14:54 on 05 Jan 2021

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