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PE01440: Plans for new Children and Young People Bill


Petitioner: Sharon McCluskie on behalf of Play Scotland


Date Lodged: 31 August 2012

Play Scotland, the National organisation for Play works to promote the Importance of Play for all children and young people, and campaigns to create play opportunities in the community.  We are underpinned by Article 31 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.  Article 31 states that "all children have the right to play".

The Scottish Government is currently consulting on - A Scotland for Children: A Consultation on the Children and Young People Bill which will incorporate Children’s Rights into the Bill.

Play Scotland is calling on the Scottish Government to include a Statutory Duty for Play in this new Bill. This could place a Duty on local authorities to provide sufficient and satisfying play opportunities for children of all ages and abilities.

This would help the Scottish Government delivery on their commitment to improve children’s outcomes and quality of life through play.



Petition History:


18 September 2012: The Committee took evidence from Marguerite Hunter Blair, Chief Executive, Play Scotland, Theresa Casey, President, International Play Association and Dr Sue Robertson, British Medical Association. The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government, COSLA, a selection of local authorities, the Early Years Taskforce, the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland and NHS Scotland and to invite the Minister to give evidence at a future meeting. Link to Official Report 18 September 2012 (450KB pdf)

11 December 2012: The Committee agreed to refer the petition under Rule 15.6.2 to the Education and Culture Committee as it has responsibility for scrutinising policy in this area and will, in due course, be considering the general principles of the Bill. Link to Official Report 11 December 2012 (518KB pdf)

4 June 2013: The Education and Culture Committee considered Petition 1440 by Sharon McCluskie, on behalf of Play Scotland, to include a statutory duty for play in the Children and Young People Bill. The Committee agreed to close Petition 1440, and to consider the issues it raises in the context of its scrutiny of the Children and Young People Bill. Link to Official Report 4 June 2013 (386KB pdf)  

Written Submissions:

We are asking for MSPs and people with an interest in play to support this call by sigining our petition.

Thank you.

Play Scotland

Play is what children do, it is at the core of their being. Every child has the need to play including children in hospital. We need to make sure sick children have access to good play services.

Frances Barbour

8:47 on 31 Aug 2012

Play is a very important part of a child's development so we need to protect green spaces and invest in outdoor facilities to create a safe and stimulating environment for our children.

Raymond Cattanach

21:08 on 25 Aug 2012

Everyone should have an opportunity to play outside in a safe and stimulating environment. We need to ensure that all of Scotland's children have that opportunity in the future.

Sue Strachan

10:52 on 23 Aug 2012

Play in any form is every child's right, please do not take this away from them !

Khalidah Mohammed

15:03 on 14 Aug 2012

Where are the play areas for wheelchair using children? Disabled children need to play too!

Carol Higgins

17:02 on 12 Aug 2012

Children develop numerous skills through play so the more opportunities that are available to support these developments the better.

Carol Ball

16:32 on 09 Aug 2012

All children should be given the opportunity to play in a safe secure environment. Please give them this chance. Thank you

mahnaz Dastoori

15:03 on 02 Aug 2012

My kids has no where to play as the council refuse to cut the grass across from my house due to cut backs, no cut back in my council tax

Jackie Sheridan

6:12 on 31 Jul 2012

Please pass this bill for ALL our kids. Thank you.

Jacqueline Kerr

19:29 on 30 Jul 2012

This is a start to giving the children of Scotland safe areas to play,Society go on so much about children of all ages causing bother in streets and being noisy Well they need good parks to play for all ages,More community youth Centers where there is activities to suit all and a place to hang out with their peers!!

Lynne Macdonald

17:25 on 30 Jul 2012

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