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PE01846: Upgrade the A82


Petitioner: Louise Glen on behalf of Highland News and Media - Inverness Courier


Date Lodged: 05 January 2021

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to upgrade the A82. 

Petition History:


13 January 2021: The Committee agreed to close the petition under Rule 15.7 of Standing Orders on the basis that the Scottish Government is considering over 20 options for the A82, informed through stakeholder engagement, as part of the second Strategic Transport Projects Review which is expected to complete in 2021. The Committee also agreed to write to the Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity. Link to Official Report of Meeting 13 January 2021

Written submissions:


Have experienced tailgating on this road travelling towards Inverness.

Avril Cameron

10:52 on 05 Jan 2021

The A82 is not fit for purpose, we seem to have money to spend in and around all our Scottish cities while the A82 is forgotten.

Margaret Laidlaw

21:39 on 03 Jan 2021

The A82 is the main artery serving the West Coast of Scotland. It is an essential road and as such should be given that recognition and made safe for travel. The accident statistics are high on this road. How many deaths before it is upgraded? Our link to the rest of the U.K. is via this road. Our supplies come by this road. There is a high volume of HGVs use this road both for serving our community with supplies and for taking produce from us to market including overseas market. Something which you as Politicians are keen to promote, it seems, is tourism. Do you think it is fit for the increased volume of traffic tourism brings. I do not. Make the right decision. Upgrade the A82, to a standard to be proud of. Let's remember it was a Scottish Engineer who invented the road surface, don't let him down.

Kate Gorham

21:19 on 03 Jan 2021

The A82 and A87 require serious upgrading. Having been involved in Road Safety for over 30 years in the south of England, the roads are not fit for purpose. Yet Holyrood can find money for lots of different projects, but not for one of the major trunk roads in our country, which has an appalling rate of collisions, injuries and fatalities.

Archie Adams

14:02 on 03 Jan 2021

I lost my brother in a car accident on the A82.

Trevor pocock

10:12 on 03 Jan 2021

I live on the isle of Skye and regularly use the A82. Myself and my husband were recently driving home from Fort William when through no fault of our own we were nearly involved in a road traffic collision. A motorcycle overtook approaching a corner on the hill going up Invergarry forcing us to brake sharply.

Evelyn Campbell

9:30 on 03 Jan 2021

Having travelled recently in the dark on the A82, the areas with the brighter cats eyes are fantastic, they make a massive difference and need to be used on the whole stretch of the road. Also the road sides in many places need firming up and strengthening as you would easily lose control if you needed to take avoiding action, some of the big lorries take up more than their side of the road on narrow stretches.

Debbie Niven

12:53 on 02 Jan 2021

This road is dangerous to all and should be upgraded as soon as possible.

stephen young

19:35 on 30 Dec 2020

I was a delivery driver for a garage in Inverness and travelled on the A82 very often. It is definitely in poor condition and needs major repairs. It could do with some overtaking lanes.

Alistair MacDonald

20:44 on 29 Dec 2020

No one else should go through what Samantha and her family have endured, the road needs sorting now not later!!

Paula McAteer

11:18 on 29 Dec 2020

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