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PE01844: Introduce an external regulatory complaints body for NHS boards


Petitioner: Jennifer Greenhorn


Date Lodged: 05 January 2021

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to introduce an external regulatory complaints body to improve complaints procedures within NHS boards.

Petition History:


13 January 2021: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman, Healthcare Improvement Scotland, Care Opinion and Patient Advice and Support Service. Link to Official Report of Meeting 13 January 2021

Written submission

PE1844/A: Scottish Government submission of 15 December 2020 (84KB pdf)

PE1844/B: Petitioner submission of 16 December 2020 (10KB pdf)

PE1844/C: Anonymous submission of 12 January 2021 (54KB pdf)


I think that whatever is agreed here should also apply to Councils because of their involvement in Health and Care Partnerships.

Robert Martin

19:29 on 18 Dec 2020


Marilyn Schofield

14:03 on 18 Dec 2020

Any body, be it police N.H.S. should not be investigating itself as it will always stick up for its members to the detriment of natural justice. This has been proven time after time. They use various stalling tactics also. Cases run for years and even if found guilty (as in the case of the Hillsborough disaster where 96 innocents died) they escape justice as they are either dead or ruled unfit to stand trial. Because of years of litigation.

Joseph Colin Mc Shane

3:33 on 12 Dec 2020

Sadly, history show that no industry sector is capable of satisfactory self regulatory conduct. The public as well as every industry, including the Health sector, is automatically better served when scrutiny is wholly independent, proved to be independent and seen to be impartial as this removes temptation to corruption and or unfit conduct and service. The Regulators have failed the global Public in most Industry sectors, which is why the world is currently so corrupted, and the economy broken well prior to Covid 19, Our NHS is generally one of the world's success stories. Let us help to protect it by voting for outside scrutiny to retain high standards.

Caroline Kenneil

20:28 on 04 Dec 2020

A ward line to the police should be installed with phased ward records. NHS is compartmentalised in closed door human abuse without an external watchdog. Even the police ignore allegations blatant harm and death.

G Ballantyne

15:56 on 30 Nov 2020

100% needed from my own experience over the past 3 years and that of other familes.

Jennifer Greenhorn

15:59 on 27 Nov 2020

The Petitioner is correct. However, this is not a problem peculiar to the NHS but to all public sector organisations. Public sector bodies all investigate themselves with every incentive to produce a cover up and no action. Situation gets worse when multiple agencies involved. They then pass the buck and the complaints get buried. SPSO take years to investigate complaints and they do not have the powers to force a re investigation when they find faults. SSSC again take years to investigate complaints and by their own admission by an FOI stated that they take no action in 99.7% of complaints from the public.

James A Mackie

10:37 on 27 Nov 2020

My grandfather died in 2017 needlessly at the hands of the NHS. 10 other familes have since become known to me who have also lost their loved ones needlessly due to negligence in the NHS. All cases were from the same Unit within the same hospital. The most recent was in January 2020. This makes it fact that despite my complaint logged and external reviews by Health Improvements Scotland and 3 other NHS boards has made no improvement whatsoever therefor it is fact that an external regulatory body is required.

Jennifer Greenhorn

15:14 on 26 Nov 2020

This is definitely required in Scotland.

Jacqueline Greenhorn

14:21 on 26 Nov 2020

This is 100% needed in Scotland.

Jennifer Greenhorn

14:09 on 26 Nov 2020

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